Sebo Vacuum

Sebo Vacuum Features

Sebo vacuum are hygienic and enhance filtration, suction, and cleaning execution.

Sebo Vacuum
Sebo Vacuum

Sebo’s top-fill sacks guarantee consistent solid suction. The dirt stores at the base and aggregates there and the air exits from the sides, this ensures the unrestricted flow of air as it is filled. Additionally, all Sebo vacuum sacks are large enough to hold around 10 times the dirt, dust and other rubbish as compare to the average bagless vacuums. In conclusion, changing Sebo packs takes only a few moments and this is also easy to do. The fixing top cover keeps the inner conditions hygienic.

The 3 stage filtration in a Sebo vacuum cleaner framework makes the filtration process even more efficient as compared to other vacuums. The Sebo Vacuum has three layer bags in which the dust is trapped. Only few particles are able to pass through these layers but still they are trapped by the highly effective micro-filters. These micro-filters are made from the electrostatically charged micro-fiber material, this helps to attract the dust particles which the layers are unable retain. There is also an exhaust filter which helps to clean the air that is emitted out of the vacuum motor. This type of design prevents the air from being polluted.

In the Sebo Vacuum cleaners Kedlor woven geared belt is used which guarantees not to slip or wear or torn out. This eliminates the repairs and it also includes the clutch protection.

To make this vacuum even more efficient, by-pass system is used instead of the fan first system. By the use of this type of system the air is itself cleaned by the time it reaches and passes through the fan and the motor. The carbon or any other type of particulates is also removed from the motor by the exhaust filters and the air that reaches out is clean.


The body of the vacuum cleaner is sealed and it is manufactured to make it tight so that the air does not escape. This improves the filtration process and also the air flow. The body of the Sebo vacuum is made from the ABS plastic, which is commercially strong and of high quality.

The Sebo vacuum motor and the fan are constructed by a European company with a turbine shaped motor and metal fan assembly. This design also gives the lowest decibel levels which makes it noise free.

The Sebo Vacuum cleaner’s power heads are known all around the world for its reliable performance and the best design in the market. These vacuums are considered to be virtually maintenance free because it has a built in system which warns the user whenever there is a problem and has the capability of shutting down itself in order to prevent further damage. The heads installed in the Sebo vacuum are very useful in removing the pet hair which otherwise are difficult to remove.

These are some of the features making it most reliable and demanding vacuum cleaner in the market.

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